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Distributed in various ways along trails throughout Nā Pōhaku o Hauwahine State Park Reserve are QR code tags. Each tag, used in conjunction with a smart phone, will bring up a webpage specific to the location where the tag is found. Like this page, the display is tailored to the narrow vertical layout that users prefer on their phones.

The tags are color coded:

  • Orange for information on a location and directions for moving along the trail.
  • Green for identifying a plant—its status
    and cultural use.
  • Blue for additional information; in some cases with links to other websites that
    may be of interest.

    The QR code system is being rolled out in March 2022 and will be slowly expanded along the trails of the park.

    Each orange site information page has a compass orientation graphic that provides directions from the location of the tag.

  • On the compass diagram, "----" or "|" indicates the trail.
    Face north to right/left orient on the diagram.

    road ki‘i mo‘o
    Piko ------
    compass drawing -- top of rock
    road Nu‘uanu

    vertical barH O W
    U S E
    vertical bar

    To correctly use this graphic, face north and the trails and far away objects appear around a central compass approximating eight different directions from you. For example, the diagram above is a tag that would be found near the top of the main pōhaku. It shows the trail goes west (left) to the piko and the park exit and right (east) a short ways to the top of the rock (lookout or kilohana). Straight ahead are stairs to ki‘i mo‘o. Olomana peak is behind over your right shoulder.

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