Oceanit Laboratories, June 18, 2002 Oceanit Laboratories

Kapa`a TMDL Study -

Water quality sampling location Station 1 is located just upstream of Kapa`a Quarry Road at the edge of Kawai Nui marsh. In the photograph to the left, taken from a helicopter, Kapaa Quarry Road is on the left side (there is a culvert under the road in this area), the drainage ditch that parallels the road towards Station 2 is seen coming in from the top. The sampling location is located under the trees in the lower right corner, upstream from the road. Pictured above is the ISCO sampler set-up at Station 1.

The photograph below, shows the view across Kapa`a Quarry Road (downstream from Station 1), where Kapa`a Stream terminates in the thick vegetation of the marsh.

Oceanit Laboratories, June 18, 2002

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